I bet you weren't offered a choice. 

Having to undergo a limb amputation is a very traumatic experience for patients and their families alike. In many cases, a person is sent to surgery with the goal in mind that the surgeon will perform a procedure in an attempt to save a limb. In some cases, during this surgery, that option becomes unavailable and a limb is amputated to prevent the spread of a disease or to save a life. Regardless of the circumstances, it is often the case, a new amputee and their families have not given much thought about prosthetics at this point. Here lies the problem.


While Buffalo and Rochester, NY are the home to many qualified Prosthetic providers, the patient is rarely offered a choice of available options post surgically. While the practice of directing a patient to a specific prosthetic vender is illegal, this rule is often ignored. While you won't find it written anywhere officially, it is a very common practice for new amputees to be directed to a "preferred provider". Do you remember being offered a choice?


It's a common understanding that if you enjoy who you are working with, you will achieve a more successful outcome. It is not too late to do some research and choose a prosthetic provider that best suits your needs. Most prosthetic providers operating in Western New York are already American Board Certified; in addition, most providers have highly experienced Prosthetists that are certified to provide the same devices and services. So how are we different?


The easiest explanation is that it comes down to each practitioner's personality and each company's business philosophy. It is extremely important, especially for new amputees, to take the time and interview a few different prosthetic companies. When you call, be sure to ask to speak with a Prosthetist and not an office "manager". The Prosthetist is the person you will be working directly with. The extra couple days it may take you to do this could save you months of frustration and wasted time down the road. If you find out after the fact that there may be a better option out there, don't worry, you can still choose to switch providers at any time.


Prosthetic Home Services is the only prosthetic company in Western New York that encourages patients to interview more than one company before choosing a prosthetic provider.