Medicare Amputees


Recent changes in Medicare's interpretation of prosthetic coverage for amputees are having a devastating effect on amputees and prosthetists alike throughout Western New York. To break it down simply:  MEDICARE WILL NO LONGER PAY FOR ANY PROSTHETIC DEVICE UNLESS A SPECIFIC PRE-PRESCRIPTION EXAMINATION IS PERFORMED  AND DOCUMENTED  BY THE ORDERING PHYSICIAN.

In an effort to minimize any interruption of care to Western New York amputees, Prosthetic Home Services is contacting prescribing Physicians to inform them of their "new obligations" in prescribing prosthetic devices for Medicare patients.

Ordering Physicians are being advised to familiarize themselves with the brochure "When Referring Your Patient to a Prosthetist". This brochure explains the specific information that Medicare is requiring Physicians to obtain before prescribing a prosthesis. Prosthetists who accept Medicare insurance cannot provide a prosthesis to a patient without having a copy of the Physician notes pertaining to this specific exam.

Prosthetic Home Services remains committed to providing a superior prosthetic experience for all of our patients. We are equally committed to keeping Physicians informed of any new regulations that directly affect devices or services you prescribe.

Please feel free to call me directly with any questions. I may be reached at 716-759-9111 or 585-813-3281.

For more information, download this brochure.